eAccredit Stage 1 Course Outline

eAccredit gives you the qualification to enter the assessment (stage 2) phase of your accreditation with the AACP which is valid for 3 years. The course is broken into modules which you can complete at your own pace. All modules are completed online. These modules are outlined below:

1.1 Introduction

A brief introduction to the course and how to navigate the website.

2.1 HMR, RMMR, QUM 6CPA Program Rules

This will take you through a background of how the funding works around the MMR program, claiming as well as an introduction to performing medication reviews.

2.2. Mentoring for Candidates and Accredited Pharmacists

A look at the mentoring services available to help support you through accreditation.

 3.1. Communication Skills. – Clinical Communication

This module provides pharmacists the opportunity to revise clinical communication skills and how this applies to performing medication reviews.

3.2. Communication Skills – Interprofessional Communication

A large part of performing medication reviews involved communicating with a range of disciplines who provide care to the patient.  This module aims to provide a framework for helping guide these communication strategies.

3.3. Communication Skills – Motivational Interviewing

An introduction into the invaluable technique of motivational interviewing.  This forms a framework in helping to invoke change in patients for the better.

4.1. Assessing Adherence

This module aims to formalise the process for assessing adherence during medication reviews.

5.1. Ethical Principles of MMR

Being a slightly different environment and process, it’s important to consider the ethical issues surrounding this including privacy and patient autonomy.

6.1. The Medication Review Process – The Interview

This is a step by step guide to preparing for and conducting a medication review interview.  We discuss the differences you will encounter between HMR and RMMRs

6.2  The Medication Review Process – Putting Everything Together

A guide to putting the information together and producing a clinical document to communicate your recommendations to the referring GP.

7.1. The use of High Quality Clinical Resources

This will guide you on how to select the optimal resources to answer your clinical questions.

7.2. Referencing

The referencing requirements for the Stage 2 assessment and for clinical practice.

8.1, 8.2   Sample HMR and RMMR

Practice cases for HMR and RMMR with sample answers.

8.3. Sample MCQs

In this lesson, you’ll go through some sample MCQs supplied by the AACP.

9.1. eAccredit Stage 1 Course Summary